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Well-organised Storage Space
No more holding items in front of the freezer door thinking where to stick those in with the piles of other items. Customisingly designed, upper storage part provides you more freedom to store a lot more items neatly. The door guards is placed right on the freezer door, so you can maximise the storage space. Also, there is more space next to the twist ice maker so you can keep anything that fits the space. Not only for that, two bigger transparent boxes are ideal for keeping loads of meat, and frozen vegetables separately. The LED lighting helps you find items easier and organise foods better.

Stylishly beams its vitals.
With its stunningly brilliant blue display, it doesn’t take much more than a quick glance to absorb all its information. And it’s as easy to use as it is to read. The Blue LED Display makes managing the Samsung twin refrigerator’s temperature a breeze. Designed flush with the door’s surface, blending seamlessly into the façade, the display accents the fridge’s sophisticated, modern look.