Corepro LEDspot 4.6-50W GU10 840 36D

Philips Corepro LED 4.6-50W

Model: 929001218202

Compared to the original incandescent/halogen life span of 1,000 hours this means you will get a payback period of the energy saved and then the LED version is likely to last you another 10 years which will mean no lamp changes and also a further saving…you can see why LED lighting is a no brainer!   

General Information 

  • Cap-Base: GU10
  • Lighting technology: LED
  • Switching cycle: 50,0000
  • Nominal Lifetime: 15,000 hours

N$ 24.55 24.55 NAD N$ 24.55 VAT Excluded

N$ 24.55 VAT Excluded

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